Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A beautiful End

I am days away from ending my college career and all I can say is WOW!!!
I can't believe this journey I have done for four years will soon be done. I must be honest I am a bit apathetic. I am glad it's over, but my question is What's next?
This last semester of my college career has taught me a lot about the end. In my last months the end of school has not been my concern, the end my heart dwelled on was being at the end of myself. There were days I would sit in my car sobbing, screaming at our Heavenly Papa that " I am DONE, I have Nothing left, I am at the end of what I can give." THose were hard days, but in those moments I have never heard the Lord more clearly!
Paul proclaimed that "when I am nothing then I am strong." I have taken those word to heart this semester. At times I had no idea what I was doing, nothing to give, financially broke and feeling helpless in my future career choice. In those thoughts of feeling like nothing the LORD had proved he was not going to leave me and His Spirit is forever strong.
YES!!!! Because of God's love he did not leave us with an apathetic end, he saved all by sending his precious son to die and defeat death! Jesus Christ created for us a life where we don't have to face the end, but instead look forward to a life of everlasting love! When we are at the end of ourselves we can then ask Jesus to  come in our hearts and make us DYNAMITE! It is then we can begin to see that our lives and our plans have been beautifully made!!


  1. I keep checking everyday to see what you have to share on your blog. I hope to see new posts before long. Uncle Wayne

  2. Yes, I continue to check every day to see what you have posted.